Video: Lauryn Hill at Bob Fest 2007

6 03 2007

Check out this hot new video of Lauryn Hill’s performance on Hawaii. Including a reggae version of “Lost Ones” mashed up with “Natty Dread” (original version by Bob Marley), “Ex-Factor”, and “We & Dem” (original version by Bob Marley & The Wailers). A very refreshing performance: experimental, vibrant…

PS: Click here for the full performance of “Ex-Factor”



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6 03 2007
Bob Marley Comedy » bob marley March 5, 2007 9:26 pm

[…] Blog Posts Lauryn Hill at Bob Fest 2007 – Medley Including a reggae version of ?Lost Ones? mashed up with ?Natty Dread? (original version by Bob […]

6 03 2007

Nice. Havent much from Ms Hill for some time

7 03 2007

Big Big Big up to The Fugees Reunion. The revoution needs you as much as you all need the revelution. We’ve waited for the souls of JAH (SoulJahs ) to reunite because we knew that it was inevitable ( genius loves company ). I haven’t listened to the “Hop Hip ” – not a typo – scene since whenever because of the lack of intelectual and spiritual dedication to crativity. As a youth I thrived off of the energies of the Fugees to create. I remember “Bitin’ Zealots”. It drove me to look to myself for that unique creation. Jah Love is everlasting, and I know it’s the tie that bind all Fugees – world wide together. Bun Babylon any and everywhere. Jah. Blessed is Christ in his Kingly Charachter. Rastafari. HIM Haille Selassie I. Blessed is he throne of David. Look to Africa for the crowning of a Black King. Blessed is HIH Jah Zere Yacob. Come quickly blessed Jesus. Come Quickly.

8 03 2007

Lauryn is just untouchable. I love It!!!!!!! I have watch this so many time.

24 05 2007
Mrs. New

She is the one, that seed that confronts your heart to now that there is something wrong with the way yov’e been growing and building your human house on a platform of comfortable lies.I never thought I needed to change until I heard an angel sang these words of understanding. Lauryn Hill is the one, may God bless you and keep you from those negative forces that dont wont the truth to be understood.

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