VotD: Lauryn Hill at VEGA, Copenhagen

19 06 2007

Lauryn Hill at VEGA in Copenhagen
July, 18th 2007

“Sinnerman” and “Final Hour” / more videos from the concert at VEGA, Copenhagen

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5 responses

30 06 2007

Theres just something about lauryn.. all the emotion… all of that.. she is it!

I dont care if her voice cracks or if she forgets the words or if she just stands there and hummms im gonna listen and love it.. its good music the writing is so honest… no one says that sh*t cause they worry about what people will say what their opinions will be… she is bold and she has courage and she’s real… To anyone who says she is wack… you probably have a little imbalance in you that you cant deal with…

10 07 2007

she sounds so so damn good her voice is on point i love it. why is the media trying to brainwash us that she cannot sing anymore i am really getting annoyed so many lies have been said about this beautiful soul. typical the midia always trying to bring black talented artists down i will only give up on her if her second studio album is not good. from this video i am convinced that she is still good. GOD BLESS HER IN WHATEVER SHE DOES AND NEVER BELIEVE THE HYPE. I dont undestand why would she be judged only on one show it is really stupid.

10 07 2007

from this video i am begginning to believe that people who went to the oaklads show are either retarded or on drugs. she sound great in this video. true that never believe the hype. she sings with so much passion. wish all the best

10 07 2007
byron tha hustler

I was at the conccert and this was the only point when she made sence! The rest was rubbish! Itwas truly horrific!. This video was from the london concert and she did that accepella to win the crowd over as she was getting booed! As soon as she finished back she went back to her rubbish performance which was poor to say the least!

What compounded me was that why did dhe not sing the rest of the concert in the same tone? When the band was not playing it was manageable! When they played they drowned her out and that was regrettabla!

view this link


the comments arenot only from the oakland show but from her london show i attended!

17 07 2007
dj deb lee

greetings & love to each & everyone,
i am dj deb lee from argentina, i play reggae music, i do a reggae show by kskradio.net
so i love Miss Hill, she is the greatest woman artist! god blessed her.
i am sad because i never knew she was in brazil last june, i lost the chance to see her performance, i would like to know is she will back to SouthAmerica this year.
Also i would like to receive more information for press realise of her show in NY @Luther King free concert.

give thanks!
Deb Lee

one love
one aim
one destiny

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