Rare Song by Lauryn Hill Leaked!

19 10 2008


“World Is A Hustle” is the alleged title of a new, rare song by Lauryn Hill that has just leaked today! Apart from the title, not much information was given by the YouTube user who uploaded the song.

Download: SOMEONE uploaded the MP3 of this unreleased song, get it here! PLEASE NOTE that the quality of this file is rather low!

Boykott Beijing Olympics 2008

19 03 2008

For the people of Burma

For the people of Tibet


Hill to play Rita in Bob Marley Biopic?

4 03 2008

Rita Marley is desperate for singer Lauryn Hill to portray her on screen in the first ever biopic of her late husband, reggae icon Bob Marley. Marley is working as executive producer on the big screen adaptation of her 2004 autobiography No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley – and has her sights set on casting the former Fugees frontwoman, her daughter-in-law, in the chronicle of her tumultuous 15-year marriage to the musician. She explains, “Lauryn would be ideal (to play me). She sees my life as her life.” The as-yet-untitled project is slated to begin filming early next year (2009).

source: contactmusic.com

Wyclef returns: Carnival II

31 08 2007

Wyclef Jean returns to Columbia Records with “The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant,” the artist’s first full-length album for the label since his third solo album, “Masquerade,” entered the Billboard Top 200 at #6 in June 2002. “The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant” is slated for release this autumn.

With “The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant,” his sixth full-length studio album, Wyclef Jean continues the autobiographical musical odyssey he began a decade ago with his 1997 triple-platinum debut solo album, “Wyclef Jean Presents The Carnival Featuring Refugee All-Stars” (aka “The Carnival”). Wyclef gave his fans their first taste of “The Carnival II” with the release of the album’s lead-in single, “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill),” featuring Akon, Lil’ Wayne and introducing Niia. Released in August, the single rapidly made its first Billboard chart appearance entering the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart at #3. “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)” is now available digitally. According to Wyclef, “The Carnival II” is “a continuation of ‘Gone Till November” (his 1997 Top 10 signature hit from “The Carnival”). I focus a lot on the songwriting.”

Wyclef Jean’s latest video “Sweetest Girl”

For his much anticipated new album, Wyclef has once again called upon his friends, showcasing his musical dexterity as he draws from an extraordinary and diverse roster of collaborating guest artists including Paul Simon (on “Fast Car”), Mary J. Blige, T.I., Norah Jones, Akon, Serj Tankian (of System Of A Down) (on “Trouble Again”), Lil’ Wayne, and Shakira, to name a few. Wyclef produced the entire album with his long-time production partner, Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, with whom he has worked since the beginning of the Fugees.

source: wyclef. com official press release

Lauryn Hill speaks: Exclusive Interview

31 08 2007

Fresh off the stage after a performance in Belgium on July, 27th 2007, Lauryn Hill sits down for an exclusive interview.

Wyclef’s new single: “Sweetest Girl”

20 07 2007

For his first single off his upcoming album “The Carnival 2” Wyclef Jean collabos with Akon again (YES, Akon was part of the Refugee Camp back in 1996 and he is actually featured on “The Score”).
Check out the new single “Sweetest Girl” which also features Lil’Wayne and Nia.

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Best of… Lauryn Hill to be released!

13 07 2007

The Best of Lauryn Hill album is going to be released in Germany soon! (At least “VOLUME one: Fire” of J.Periods Double Disc Mixtape-CD).

The record, including the hottest tracks by Lauryn Hill, all mashed up and remixed into this amazing Mixtape CD will be available from August, 03rd 2007!
Buy at amazon.de

The Disc also includes some rare Tracks from back in the Fugees-days as well as “Take It Easy”, released by the Fugees in 2005.

People in the US can order directly at DJ J.Periods Website

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Lauryn Hill Festival Tour Dates Summer 2007

6 06 2007

After concerts in Hawaii and Japan, Lauryn Hill returns to Europe this summer to do several festivals. The first few dates have just been announced.

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Update on Wyclef: “The Carnival 2: Memoirs of an Immigrant”

31 05 2007

He hasn’t changed his name to Mr. Jean, but lately it seems Wyclef has been as far from the spotlight as his former Fugees mate Lauryn Hill.

“It’s been a minute for me,” he admitted to MTV News a couple of weeks ago on the set of T.I.’s “You Know What It Is” video (see “T.I. Getting Ahead Of His Selves With Second Clip From Alter-Ego LP”).

But ‘Clef recently connected with T.I. while he was in Atlanta and asked the “Bankhead” rapper to put him up in a studio while he was in town. Tip acquiesced and let ‘Clef set up shop at a studio he could use all by himself.

The result? Not only did he produce T.I.’s next single, but Wyclef also kick-started his next album, The Carnival 2: Memoirs of an Immigrant — the sequel to his debut, The Carnival — which is tentatively due in September. The new set follows 2003’s The Preacher’s Son and 2004’s international-flavored Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101.

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Fugees Reunion “straight dead”

25 05 2007

There were faint signs of hope. There were reasons to believe. There was even a decent comeback single released in late 2005 called “Take It Easy,” in which Lauryn Hill passionately and repeatedly proclaimed “we need reconciliation!” Now, there’s nothing but destroyed dreams and disappointed, disillusioned fans.

Straight dead” is how Prazrakel “Praz” Michel described the status of the highly anticipated Fugees reunion album.

“You know, unfortunately, Miss Hill, she’s got some things she needs to deal with. I wish her the best, but life goes on,” Michel told SOHH.com.

In the meantime, Michel and lead Fugees vocalist Wyclef Jean continue to work on solo material and movies (“I gotta shoot a movie with my man Josh Lucas and Tim Roth after I finish my album,” Michel revealed), and Hill continues to make millions of anxious fans wait for her artistic insanity to end.

source: dose.ca | sohh.com

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“Lose Myself” – brand new song by Lauryn Hill

12 05 2007

There is a brand new Lauryn Hill song coming our way! The song is entitled “Lose Myself” and will be included on the official soundtrack for “Surf’s Up” – an animated motion picture. Movie and soundtrack will be released in June 2007.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the return of Ms. Lauryn Hill!,” exclaimed Liza Richardson, an avid surfer, DJ and music supervisor for “Surf’s Up.” “Apparently, she related to Big Z’s story — reaching the top, checking out for a while, doing some soul searching and re-emerging with joy — and wrote and recorded a real celebratory summer jam session for ‘Surf’s Up.’ We’re glad to have Lauryn back where she belongs!”

AND HERE IT IS: Listen to “Lose Myself”

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Lyrics: “I had to lose myself, so I can love you better…”

“Music” by Joss Stone & Lauryn Hill

10 03 2007

This is your chance to listen to Joss Stone’s song “Music” which features a rap part by Lauryn Hill! The song is included on Stone’s new record “Introducing Joss Stone” – in stores NOW!

“Music” is based on a Fugees track off “The Score” – supposedly “The Mask”.

Preview the song

“Colors of sounds, scales of beauty, audio scenery,
electric love, and rhythmic synergy, written to memory,
beautifully crafted scenery, complex or simplicity, sonic energy,
piercing in sensitivity, sympathetic poetry, for some even identity, collective entity,
something to belong to, a source of energy,
the possibilities, wavelengths, and bandwidths,
higher vibration, energizing entire lands with,
something to stand with, or stand for,
lovers to walk hand in hand with and plan for,
in sanctuary, chords, harmonies, melodies, even riffs can be,
disguise human essence in sonically bottled ecstasy,
melancholy, agony breeds angst,
exercising anxieties, fueling entire societies,
making economies, stimulating, generating,
inspiration synonomously,
entertaining, expression, intangible,
invisible but undeniable,
plays the language of excitement on survival,
some call it tribal, but perfected is everything,
connected to everything, some say collectively, everything”

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Wyclef and Refugee Allstars in Los Angeles

1 02 2007

Event: Wyclef and Refugee Allstars
When: February, 12th 2007
Where: House Of Blues, Los Angeles

Here’s your chance to see Wyclef perform in Los Angeles!
Visit Wyclef Jean’s MySpace page, fill out the form and you will be notified by email if you won tickets on or by 2/9.
Only guests with tickets or a confirmed email will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis.

Doors close at capacity so please arrive early. Must be local to Hollywood to attend. Transportation not provided.

source: Wyclef Jean @ MySpace

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Lauryn Hill Performing In Las Vegas!

30 01 2007

It’s official now! Lauryn Hill is performing at 3121 (the night club of recording artist Prince) in Las Vegas on February, 03rd.
Make sure to get your tickets at Ticketmaster.com!

February, 03rd 2007
Doors open at 8:00 pm

…Don’t expect the show to begin any early than 10:00 pm! We all know Ms. Hill has a problem with procrastination. To anyone that goes: Enjoy the show! (and make sure to bring photos/audio/video to fugees-online.de!)

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Lauryn Hill at Bob Fest 2007, Hawaii

28 01 2007

Bob Fest 2007 is the biggest Music Festival and BLOCK PARTY of the year! Featuring live and direct: The Queen of Hip Hop Ms. Lauryn Hill, Prophet Capelton, Pepper, O-Shen, Ooklah the Moc, Red Degree and many more!

Event: Bob Fest 2007, Oahu
When: 9th Feb, 2007 at 7:00 pm
Location: Hawaiian Water Adventure Park

Event: Bob Fest 2007, Big Island
When: 10th Feb, 2007 at 4:00 pm
Location: Parker Ranch Waimea

Event: Bob Fest 2007, Maui
When: 11th Feb, 2007 at 4:30 pm, gates open at 3:00 pm
Location: Maui Arts & Cultural Center // A&B Amphitheater

Tickets available at

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Lauryn Hill @ Springoove 2007, Japan

22 01 2007

Lauryn Hill in JapanLauryn Hill plays two festivals in Japan this March – one in Osaka and one in Tokyo!

Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, Ziggy Marley, Lupe Fiasco and more!

order Tickets:

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Joss Stone Hones In On Soul With Lauryn Hill

21 01 2007

Joss Stone duets with Lauryn HillBritish neo-soul songstress Joss Stone will return with her third album March 20th. Lauryn Hill is one of several guests lined up for effort. Hill appears rapping on Stone’s new track “Music.” Other collaborators on the effort include rapper Common, multi-talented producer Raphael Saadiq and producer Beau Dozier who worked on Mind Body & Soul.

“It’s a very special song to me that I wrote with Novel. This song is my realization moment, when I realized I was wasting my time looking for an unconditional love in another human being. So far in my short little life, I haven’t ever seen it completely. All love between all humans, I believe, is a tiny bit conditional. It’s not like that with music. The only true unconditional love is music and God, for me. The fact that Lauryn Hill was inspired by it enough to write what she did is just is crazy to me. I prayed on that one hard. She’s amazing. My biggest influences on the female side of music are Lauryn and Aretha, no doubt.”

“Lauryn Hill is just such an amazing artist. The song ‘Music’ started [off] based on an old Fugees song. We ended up taking a complete departure from the original, but it still had the vibe, and we just said how amazing it would be to have Lauryn do a verse. I called her mother every day for an entire month begging until she got the track to Lauryn. Her mother told me she really liked it and wanted to do it, and actually did her part through the phone. Every time I hear her on my song, it brings tears to my eyes.”

Source: accesshollywood.com, AOL Music

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Wyclef gives free concert in Jacmel, Haiti

7 01 2007

The week-long YéleFest celebration in Jacmel, Haiti, culminated in a free concert for an estimated 40,000 people on December 1, 2006. YéleFest brought young Haitian artists, filmmakers, musicians and actors together for one week of activities in Jacmel, Haiti, with representatives of non-governmental organizations, volunteer groups, development agencies and donor governments. The program was designed to allow these diverse groups the opportunity to explore ways to use culture and the arts to create new models for achieving sustainable development.

source: yele.org

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An Intimate Evening with Ms. Lauryn Hill

10 11 2006

In celebration of the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express – an intimate evening with Ms. Lauryn Hill.

An Intimate Evening with Ms. Lauryn HillAmong her music choices this evening – about 10 songs into the set – it does appear she handles the move from hip-hop to other atyles quite well with her rendition of Bob Marley’s “Zimbabwe” like she owned it, and the crowd agreed. Right now she is belting out “Heat Wave” a song that the older members of the audience at least know.Now, among the music critics, her voice might have been smoother and the band a bit more polished, but no one left too early and it’s past eleven o”clock.

Wearing her hair in a giant Afro, the one thing we noticed from the start is she repeated phrases and used improvised and snaked words around the rhythms. It made her sound mystical with sound, lots of it. Her music blended afro-pop and jazz with a hint of hip-hop.

The worst thing about it was that she started an hour late with no apology, but for most of us that see a concert – any concert – from the nose bleed section, this was a treat.

source: WebFlyer

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Reunion fading, The Carnival 2

29 09 2006

More than one year has passed since the “reuninted” Fugees released their track “Take It Easy” – however, the reunion seems to fade away quitely. In a recent interview WYCLEF JEAN has only few words left for the reunion, more so about his upcoming album “The Carnival 2”, which is almost completed.

“Carnival 2 is going to be crazy. It’s going to be the wildest piece of material that you’ve heard from Wyclef since the ‘Carnival’ as a whole piece of music.”

Jerry Wonder, Clef’s longtime producer, couldn’t hold back his excitement for “Carnival 2”.
“Wait ’till you get the 2,” he said. “It’s sort of the same concept as ‘Carnival’ but it’s like the 2020 version.”
Wonder revealed that some of the guests from the first album will be back, perhaps even Lauryn Hill.

Speaking of Hill, what is going on with the Fugees reunion? When Wyclef, Lauryn and Pras hit the studio, they released one single, and another track was leaked, but nothing else has been released since. Speaking briefly about the Fugees, Jean’s tone didn’t sound too optimistic.

“Tell them hurry up. I’m moving. They gotta get with it,” he said.

“We tryin,'” added Wonder. “It’s probably going to happen but everybody’s busy.”

source: andPOP.com