Wyclef Jean – Coming To America Mixtape

26 12 2007

Wyclef Jean Mixtape Wyclef Jean put out is very first Mixtape CD called “Coming To America”. It features a lot of brand new songs, as well as some of the tracks that were produced for the reunion album which has not seen the light of day (yet?).

Check out the song “Been Away Too Long” which uses the same chorus The Fugees used for “Wann Be” and includes a verse dedicated to Lauryn Hill Hip Hop. “If You Wanna” and “Endless Fight” also use rap verses and hooks that were recorded when The Fugees got back together in 2005/06 and recorded songs.

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Mixtape Tracks
1. Coming to america (intro)
2. Last time i rhymed
3. Streets wanna know
4. Bustin them slugs
5. Nino brown
6. You better pray johnny (interlude)
7. Johnnys dead (feat styles p)
8. Play me when im dead (interlude)
9. Africa
10. F.b.i. knockin at my door
11. Why i doo this
12. Blood in your eye (feat the game)
13. Operate on me (feat lil wayne)
14. Been away too long (feat lauryn hill)
15. Lauryn hill and the fugees (interlude)
16. If you wanna (feat lauryn hill)
17. Gettin money since 1996 (interlude)
18. Rap rock n roll star
19. Allow me to re-introduce myself (interlude)
20. Sweetest girl (cream mix) (feat lil wayne raekwon and akon)
21. Informer (feat uncle murda and movado)
22. Fresh off the plane (interlude)
23. House that clef built
24. Leave a voicemail (interlude)
25. Coming home from upstate
26. Where the hope go (interlude)
27. Slow down (feat t.i.)
28. Street religion (feat r. kelly)
29. Behind the scenes (interlude)
30. Welcome to the east (feat sizzla movado uncle murda and minister louis farrakhan)
31. Classic street album (outro) (bonus)
32. Endless fight (the fugees)

Fugees Reunion “straight dead”

25 05 2007

There were faint signs of hope. There were reasons to believe. There was even a decent comeback single released in late 2005 called “Take It Easy,” in which Lauryn Hill passionately and repeatedly proclaimed “we need reconciliation!” Now, there’s nothing but destroyed dreams and disappointed, disillusioned fans.

Straight dead” is how Prazrakel “Praz” Michel described the status of the highly anticipated Fugees reunion album.

“You know, unfortunately, Miss Hill, she’s got some things she needs to deal with. I wish her the best, but life goes on,” Michel told SOHH.com.

In the meantime, Michel and lead Fugees vocalist Wyclef Jean continue to work on solo material and movies (“I gotta shoot a movie with my man Josh Lucas and Tim Roth after I finish my album,” Michel revealed), and Hill continues to make millions of anxious fans wait for her artistic insanity to end.

source: dose.ca | sohh.com

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Reunion fading, The Carnival 2

29 09 2006

More than one year has passed since the “reuninted” Fugees released their track “Take It Easy” – however, the reunion seems to fade away quitely. In a recent interview WYCLEF JEAN has only few words left for the reunion, more so about his upcoming album “The Carnival 2”, which is almost completed.

“Carnival 2 is going to be crazy. It’s going to be the wildest piece of material that you’ve heard from Wyclef since the ‘Carnival’ as a whole piece of music.”

Jerry Wonder, Clef’s longtime producer, couldn’t hold back his excitement for “Carnival 2”.
“Wait ’till you get the 2,” he said. “It’s sort of the same concept as ‘Carnival’ but it’s like the 2020 version.”
Wonder revealed that some of the guests from the first album will be back, perhaps even Lauryn Hill.

Speaking of Hill, what is going on with the Fugees reunion? When Wyclef, Lauryn and Pras hit the studio, they released one single, and another track was leaked, but nothing else has been released since. Speaking briefly about the Fugees, Jean’s tone didn’t sound too optimistic.

“Tell them hurry up. I’m moving. They gotta get with it,” he said.

“We tryin,'” added Wonder. “It’s probably going to happen but everybody’s busy.”

source: andPOP.com

Fugees Leak “Wanna Be”

5 04 2006

On the heels of the Fugees history-making outdoor concert in Los Angeles, Verizon Wireless V CAST Music customers can check out the Fugees’ newest single “Wanna Be” from their unreleased album exclusively on V CAST Music. The full-length song download of “Wanna Be” makes its debut on Verizon Wireless today – before it can be heard on the radio or purchased at any Web retailer, music store or other music distribution channel.

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