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check the message board for lots of lyrics: Message Board – Lyrics

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7 02 2007

Send me “guarding the gate” lyrics.
With all my love and support.

8 03 2007

are the fugees dissing de la soul in “cowboys” when they say: plug 2 like trugoy?

13 04 2007

I am actually writing for the same issue as zedgey. “guarding the gate” lyrics. GRACIAS!

2 05 2007
Armanda Itson

What is the name of Wyclef’s song it says something about going to the corner store then the girl chimes in and calls him Poppie…

22 05 2007
shalonda trent

lauryn hill i dont even know if this comment will get to you or even go through im shalonda last name trent i really aDMIRE YOUR music im very moved by your other cds and stuff keep doin you and dont change cause thats a main issue today r&b doesnt make since anymore but i know you wont ever change
love, shalonda alise trent aka trent
bka booka

4 07 2007

Ms. Hill, Wyclef, and Pras much respect and love.. Could you send me a copy of your first CD? One love.

D. Phinn
P.O. Box 2321
Columbia, MD 21045

5 07 2007


Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


28 05 2009

it is just unexplicable, the way I feel when I hear your music. Since fugees til now, on your own…it is just amazing! how can one feel with music…
and now my request..please!! i need the lyrics from the version of Blame it on the sun (fugees).
I’ve tried to figure out the lyrics but I am spanish and some times it is difficult to me to understand it completely, and I get lost!
I would be really happy if some one helps me!!
and I am looking forward the time I can go to U.S.A to see Lauryn in live.
lots of love for anyone!!

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