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Just recently has changed into a BLOG-site. The reasons for the change a simple: more user interaction, frequent updates, usability.


If you would like to contribute to fugees-online, send your NEWS, STORIES, REVIEWS to the admin (info @ of this site! Much appreciated.


It’s easy to support this site financially! In fact, it only takes 2 CLICKS! All you need to do is visit the message boards and click on the GOOGLE-Ad on the very bottom of the page!

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In case you would like to send me a message, simply use the form below – don’t forget to press the SUBMIT button below. It’s as simple as that…

2 responses

11 03 2007
cesar flores

hey, i love fugees online, ’cause i feel like i belong to somewhere far awy from home, this is a space were i can share with some otehr people that knows how i love music and the fugees!

30 03 2007

this site is way better than runboard. i can get info without drama and the layout is great. stay up!

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